Bridal Alterations

Lace-Back dress

If you're here, you have a dress that isn't quite what you imagined. Don't panic.



At Top Notch Glad Rags, Bridal Alterations are one of the most common customer requests. So don't be disheartened if your dress is far from perfect, by the time you leave us, you'll have your dream gown.


Check out some common complaints below to see what we can do to help.

(*Every dress and every bride is different, these are solutions which have worked for individual brides. To discuss potential alterations, contact us today*)



"My Dress is too big!"

Worry not! Alteration will depend on how much too big your dress is, but whether its a little baggy or miles too large, we will find a way to nip it into shape. You're likely to need some key seams taken in, depending on where exactly the dress doesn't fit on your body. In some cases, a dress might need more drastic ateration. We can re-shape and re-figure your gown to be absolutely certain the fit is perfect.


"My Dress is too small!"

This is undoubtedly one of the most common complaints brides come to us with! There is nothing wrong with your body, so don't be disheartened. If there is enough seam allowance, your dress might be able to be let out just enough to fit you. If the seams aren't generous, you might need to consider adapting your dress a little more. If your dress features a zip or buttoned up back, you might find that having a panel and lacing put in will solve the problem. Whatever the case, we are always happy to discuss every option with you.


"My Dress is too long!"

We can take up hems to whatever level suits you best - but make sure to bring the shoes you will be wearing to your wedding along to the fitting! We measure the hems whilst the dress is on you to be absolutely certain that you are happy with the final result. Want to lift your hem for the evening? We can position a bustle loop to allow you to hook your skirts up and give you a little more freedom to move.


Don't convince yourself to compromise - contact us to discuss alterations today!

Butterfly-Dress [2] (2) Butterfly BEFORE

Take a look below at the before and after transformation of this ^^^ dress ^^^



Butterfly TOP ONLY Butterfly-Dress Butterfly FIN EDIT