Costumes & Cosplay

778 Romeo-Juliet dress Esmerelda Costume (3) Hen Party costume

Costumes can be required for any occasion!

Hen parties, Stag nights, World Book Day, Birthdays, ComicCon, putting on a play, or perhaps simply a love for dressing-up - there's a million reasons why you might want a costume or cosplay outfit made! At Top Notch Glad Rags, we're more than happy to help.


We can craft almost anything, from period pieces to futuristic anime styles, and everything in-between. Perhaps you have an item of clothing that you want altered into a costume design, or an old piece that you want replicated? We will do all that we can to ensure you leave us with the prefect outfit. All you need to do is come and have a chat to discover the vast possibilities that await you.


We know that costumes aren't play things, so everything we create is durable and, most importantly, wearable. The best bit? you know your costume will fit you perfectly when its been made by us!


We are passionate about the weird and the wonderful, so don't hold back!

            Like this jacket from a popular anime series?

Contact us to discuss potential ComicCon outfit ideas!

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