Evening & Occasion

Occasional party-goer, or regular Gatsby on the social scene, we all need a few of those special outfits to dust off and dazzle with.

No matter how experienced you are with the mayhem of preparing for an important evening, the trouble of searching for the perfect outfit never goes away.

Not until now, anyway.

From weddings and graduations to a birthday celebration, every important occasion needs an equally important outfit.


Nothing is worse than turning up to a function and feeling like part of the crowd, which is why Top Notch Glad Rags provides you with not only comfort and security in your clothes, but complete individuality.

Don't be afraid to be unique.

IMAG0073 IMAG0095 1953 Hlterneck Lace with Bolero Prom Dress MTM (2) Prom Dress MTM (3) Prom Dress MTM Grad Dress