Reproducing vintage fashion is the real passion here at Top Notch Glad Rags. There is an undeniable beauty in wearing clothes that have seen another era. The main problem we have in our modern society is that the quality of original vintage clothes may not always be the best (if you have an item that's seen better days, take a look at our 'Repairs and alterations' page) or the garments simply don't fit the body of the modern man or woman (again, alterations may be your destination if you experience this issue).

Because finding truly beautiful vintage clothes can be so troublesome, we lovingly re-create the elegance and style of bygone eras. We source and use original patterns and vintage-style fabrics and, if desired, employ vintage sewing and finishing techniques - therefore the garments we produce truly are as similar as possible to their original counterparts.


Reproduction Vintage

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Browse the time periods to see some of our creations. Ranging from the pre-20's to the 1970's, vintage style clothes can prove a beautiful addition to your everyday wardrobe, or can be a stunning statement at events such as Goodwood. Should you be inspired by any of the garments on these pages, contact us to enquire about made-to-measure vintage clothes, or check our one-off shop items. (*the shop will be up and running as soon as possible*)